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What's the status of the TSA's scanners? They're not at every airport and they're not always in use. We're providing this information to help you avoid the machines if you have concerns about privacy, radiation, security theater or simply don't want your junk touched. Use this list, and if you are flying, note the security status and submit the latest information. See the about page for more information about this site.

While Homeland Securty's inane color code system may be a thing of the past, it lives on here:

GREEN (Low)indicates that there is no backscatter/radiation machine visible at this checkpoint.
BLUE (Guarded)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine visible at this checkpoint, but it was not in use for any passengers.
YELLOW (Elevated)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use in some lanes, but that you can "choose your own adventure" and avoid that lane
ORANGE (High)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use for some passengers
RED (Extreme)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use for all or nearly all passengers.

Are you ready? Please put your hands in the air and spread your legs …

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BOSAAB Gates 322016-05-24
stlWN2016-05-20arrived at 4a, 50 ppl ahead in TSA lane, reg lane snaked around 3 to 4 times, TSA did not open until 418am for 530am flights

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