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What's the status of the TSA's scanners? They're not at every airport and they're not always in use. We're providing this information to help you avoid the machines if you have concerns about privacy, radiation, security theater or simply don't want your junk touched. Use this list, and if you are flying, note the security status and submit the latest information. See the about page for more information about this site.

While Homeland Securty's inane color code system may be a thing of the past, it lives on here:

GREEN (Low)indicates that there is no backscatter/radiation machine visible at this checkpoint.
BLUE (Guarded)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine visible at this checkpoint, but it was not in use for any passengers.
YELLOW (Elevated)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use in some lanes, but that you can "choose your own adventure" and avoid that lane
ORANGE (High)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use for some passengers
RED (Extreme)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use for all or nearly all passengers.

Are you ready? Please put your hands in the air and spread your legs …

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MIAAAD2015-02-24I had just come from an hour interrogation and search with the US Border Police, so I was in no mood for hassles. I wasn't the only one though, they apparently went after young men from different ethnic and national backgrounds for random searches. I even saw them trying to shake down a polie Japanese young man, trying to see if he was carrying over 10,000 dollars in both US dollars and yen. Well, there is this TSA old guy that points his finger to which lane you go into. I guess, since I was carrying my US passport, which is what the TSA wants all Americans to travel with now, he pointed to the left lane that used only the metal detector. Most of the people got pointed to the x-ray, cancer machines, and they had a long wait and a lot more attitude from the TSA people. My line took about 30 minutes in total, and there was this TSA guy there swabbing passengers fingers and putting the swabs into a machine? This was truly bizarre. Going through the metal detector was easy, and I had no extra searches. Meanwhile, the others directed to the x-ray, cancer machines had even longer wait. The moral of the story: avoid the plane as much as possible while traveling to and from the USA, and within the United States.
COSAAAll Terminals2015-01-22Sorry to break the news to you guys, but this airport now has the porno scanners, which means that most US small and medium sized city airports, such as Tucson and Las Cruces now have these x-rays too. I know, I was used to the low key aptnosphere of the Colorado Springs airport, and I actually enjoyed using it and continued to fly once and a while when on my world travels. But this is sadly not the case anymore there - or anywhere for that matter. I am not using the plane anymore for flying in or out of the US - except for family emergencies. I am taking the boat and using my truck. I actually spent a whole hour dealing with the TSA there. First, I was the only one to opt out of the x-rays as usual, so the TSA dealt harshly with me. They actually searched me heavily and then went through both of my personal bags. One TSA agent found a camping tool that happened to have a sharp edge on one side of it and they kept calling it a 'knife.' Finally, they let me leave the TSA area and return to the parking lot outside and then put it in my truck. I never had a problem with this camping tool before, but the TSA got really strict. After having had to go back to my truck in the parking area, I then had to return to the TSA security area. I again opted out, and the TSA got even more aggressive with me. They didn't search my bags again, but this one agent went through my personal body hard core. He then demanded that I take off my necklaces and he was going to x-ray them in the machine! I am not kidding - the TSA x-rayed my necklaces. While this was going on, two TSA supervisors stood around me. The woman gave me a threatening look, while an older man began asking me where I was going and trying to make small talk. I just said my destination and remained silent. Luckily, the TSA agent didn't find anything dangerous in my necklaces. But this overall experience took one hour out of my travels, and it was a close call, who knows what those people wanted? I also looked at the general TSA people and I realized that most of them were weirdos or losers. They had a little authority and just liked to abuse it with passengers. I also noticed that they were forcing almost all of the passengers into the porno scanner lines, and they did not use the metal detector machine at all. For those of you that like to travel overseas, flying is a dangerous option. I learned a hard lesson. And for those of you that think the dictatorship is coming, well you are wrong, it is already here.

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